“What can I say, I had struggled for years with trying to manage paperwork, diaries and client information through multiple platforms. I am the first to admit I would sometimes get myself into a stressful mess and it got worse as my business grew and the information flow got bigger and bigger.
I can honestly say since placing my business onto the Hapori platform, it feels much simpler and easier to manage. I save hours on paperwork and admin each week and have a greater handle on my customers and my diary. My productivity has increased and my client list has grown by 100% over the 12 weeks I’ve been using the software. I really do recommend you try it out. The trial is free and once you feel the benefits you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it”.
— Dave – Future fitness group – Edinburgh

“As a new PT I walked into my new job, in a commercial gym, on day one and it was daunting to say the least. However, I never really contemplated that as well as trying to build up a client list, I also had to manage and run a business. Managing PARQs, storing my Terms and Conditions, saving and managing client data; all of this was new to me. I was approached to use Hapori as a new PT and, although a little apprehensive, having used the product for a few month, I now couldn’t do without it. I am steadily growing my business and can see weekly how my business is doing and exactly where I can look to improve. I’ve recently got to ten clients and am so pleased I embraced the software. As a new business owner I cannot recommend it enough. Its makes my life so much easier.”
— Newly Qualified Personal Trainer - Scotland

“I run a business from home so don’t work in a commercial environment. I was looking for an automated calendar to support my growing client list. Having looked at a number of options, I came across Hapori and it’s early adopter launch. The calendar is great and allows me to run my diary efficiently. In turn I also got so many other benefits I didn’t even know I needed. I no longer have to write invoices for my customers as this happens automatically. It’s also great that clients can communicate with me via the platform. Having all my client information stored along with all their stats and progress charts is fantastic as I use to run this through multiple spreadsheets. It’s a really good piece of kit and I’m looking forward to what’s coming next.”
— PT - Preston

I can run a great session and I get my clients fantastic results. What I’ve struggled with is keeping my paperwork, finances and diary in order as a business owner. I can honestly say that since I adopted Hapori, I actually feel organised and in full control for the first time in a long time. Thank you to Lee and the team for bringing me into the Hapori family.
— PT - Bristol