We felt there was a better way.


Hapori was born out of our own frustrations after using the existing tools and platforms within the market place. As we began to research and find our own solution, a much bigger opportunity became clear. We decided to create a business tool to help new and existing PT’s manage and grow their businesses. Importantly, we wanted to design a product that was easy to use and added great value.

We are the team behind Hapori. This is just the beginning.


Anthony Fenton-Wells


Anthony, 35, joined the team earlier this year after moving to the UK in 2017 from South Africa. He’s a certified PT in Sports Conditioning and Training in Different Environments and a fully certified Gym Jones Instructor (USA), Precision Nutrition Level 1.

Why Hapori?

During his career Anthony has always found it challenging to strike the perfect balance of managing his business efficiently. From programming, measurements, macro-calculations, social media campaigns to bookkeeping and tax returns, there is always so much to juggle and overtime this became exceedingly challenging. Anthony longed for a management system to handle all those needs, in one place, that would be stress free, easy to use and let him focus on his business.

Vision for Hapori?

Anthony's vision is to create a dynamic fitness management system that allows PT’s to reach their business Peak by consolidating all the important components of their company into one easy to use effective, quality product. Hapori should deliver everything you need to grow, retain and succeed in this industry.”

Random facts about Anthony:

He used to train 5-star hotel establishments and had the privilege of meeting the CEO of Virgin Galactic during one of these visits. His uncle also used to coach the South African Rugby Team.


Lee Hobbs


Lee is 41 and lives in North Somerset.

His day job is in Financial Services, mainly within Change Management and IT and has experience in supporting and governing large projects and programmes.

Why Hapori?

Lee is big on his fitness and over the years has used a number of Personal Trainers to support his training. Surprisingly some PT’s couldn’t answer basic questions about their businesses when selling their services to him; something he thought was strange and surprising. Hapori was then born.

Vision for Hapori

Lee said: “We wanted to create an innovative product that allows Personal Trainers to naturally understand, scale and grow their business. Hapori should drive growth, profitability and offer a much better client experience. It’s a one stop, simple solution product to help a PT stand out.”

Random fact about Lee

Lee was a Firefighter for 10 years before he swapped the Brigade for a laptop & spreadsheets. He also has a brother-in law who captained a Spurs FA Cup winning team!


Chris Way


Chris, 41, has been there from the beginning with Lee and he too is from north Somerset. Chris is a Finance Director and keeps an eye on all of the spending, especially all the shakes and protein bars.

Why Hapori?

Chris has always been interested in Health and fitness. Recently he started using a PT and became frustrated at the lack of available products that could track his performance and communicate effectively with his trainer as a paying customer. Many business breakfasts later, Hapori is in position to solve some of his frustrations.

Vision for Hapori

Chris said: “my vision for Hapori was to create a solution that could improve communication between the PT and the client and also have the ability to track my own progress over time. A simple dashboard view of data to motivate both parties was my vision”

Interesting fact

He has played international rugby (don’t ask who for, just accept it!)